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Azaleas bloom in Zhangping


Azaleas bloom in Zhangping

Azaleas bloom in Zhangping

From mid-April to the beginning of May, red and purple azaleas form a colorful sea of flowers that roll towards the Tiantai Mountain in Chishui town, Zhangping.

Tiantai Mountain is the core scenic spot in Zhangping's Tiantai Mountain National Forest Park. With a peak 1,478 meters high, the mountain stretches for dozens of miles, covered by trees and flowers.

In addition to azaleas, people can visit the waterfall, Tiantai Temple and clove trees in the mountain.

Self-driven tourists are recommended to follow the route: the downtown area of Zhangping – the national road 208 – Xiangliao village of Chishui town – Tiantai Mountain.