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Tossing Guan Gong in the mud


Tossing Guan Gong in the mud

On Jan 14 of the lunar calendar, villagers in Julin village, Tongfang town, Changting county, hold a relatively unknown activity known as "tossing Guan Gong in the mud" to celebrate Lantern Festival.

Guandi Temple, located in the village, is the site of the activity. Legend has it that Guan Gong, a famous general during the Three Kingdoms (AD 220-280) period, was incarnated by a loach eidolon. People worship Guan Gong for his "loyalty, righteousness, faith, intelligence, benevolence and bravery".

Guan Gong's birthday is believed to fall on Jan 13 of the lunar calendar. Local villages have been holding this activity for more than 300 years. Residents carry a statue of Guan Gong and toss it into a muddy pit on Jan 13 and 14 of the lunar calendar, despite wind, rain or snow. It has become a customary way to celebrate Lantern Festival.