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Lunar April Eighth Festival


Lunar April Eighth Festival

Lunar April Eighth Festival is a traditional folk activity with a history spanning hundreds of years in Chendong township, Yongding, Fujian province. It usually lasts three days and is an occasion for friends and relatives to get together. The atmosphere is even livelier than national Spring Festival celebrations. It is said that Lunar April Eighth was intended to commemorate Xie An, a famous official of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 371-420).

Lunar April Eighth Festival has evolved into a traditional Hakka cultural festival in Chendong. During the event, people pray for good weather for crops as well as peace and prosperity.

Guangsheng Temple is the center of activity. Constructed in accordance with conventional rules, the temple covers an area of 400-500 square meters with upper and lower halls as well as left and right horizontal rooms. Although the Lunar April Eighth Festival will only last three days, preparations begin one month before the activity. Each village will elaborately decorate distinctive floats and prepare performances.