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Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings


Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings

As the birthplace of Fujian Hakka earth buildings, Yongding county has 23,000 Hakka earth buildings, of which over 8,000 were built before the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Hence, Yongding is honored as the "Capital of Fujian Earth Buildings." Compared to other ancient kinds of architecture, Yongding Hakka earth buildings have unique advantages in quantity, quality, group design, historical origin and cultural connotation.

China has four compounds, four buildings, and 46 unattached buildings listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Of the sites, Yongding Hakka earth buildings account for three compounds, two buildings, and 23 unattached buildings, including the Hongkeng Hakka earth building compounds, the Chuxi Hakka earth building compounds, the Gaobei Hakka earth building compounds, and the Yanxiang and Zhenfu buildings.

Hakka earth buildings spread to non-Hakka regions in the past centuries, such as Nanjing, Pinghe, Xinluo, Shanghang and other counties. Zheng Xiaoxie, deputy director of the National Historical and Cultural City Protection Committee of Experts, said, "Hakka earth buildings are rooted in Yongding."

Demonstrating Chinese traditional culture and unique Hakka culture, Yongding Hakka earth buildings are an encyclopedia of Chinese traditional aesthetic thought and taste.

Yongding Hakka earth buildings still maintain their ancient style deriving from the Central Plains and their local flavors. Hakka's mysterious culture and folk customs attract tourists from home and abroad.

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Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings

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