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Tianyi Hotspring


Tianyi Hotspring, financed with 800 million yuan ($129.96 million) by Fujian Tianyi Tourist & Development Company, will cover more than 2.4 million sq m. A total of 481 million yuan has been invested in the first stage.

The resort consists of the Hotspring Park, the Hotspring Hotel, the Hotspring Cultural Museum, walking forest paths, the Wetland Park, the Sports Park and a base for field expansion.

Tianyi Hotspring is the first large and comprehensive resort that intensively embodies Hakka culture.

The water quality is good and temperature is comfortable. The region boasts numerous different mineral trace elements beneficial to people’s health. It not only treats cardiovascular and digestive tract diseases, but also contains a lot of radon and fluorine that is beneficial to people.

Immersion bath in the hot spring here will help your skin be more resilient and can stimulate the circulation of blood, causing muscles and joints to relax. It can also strengthen physical fitness, beautify skin and prevent several diseases like arthritis, neuropathic pain and rheumatoid disease. The hot spring can also adjust and control its water temperature according to the temperature of the four seasons, so it is an ideal choice for leisure all year around.

Address: Wenheng town, Liancheng county, Longyan city, Fujian province