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Sanyang Hotspring


Sanyang Hotspring Center is the first indoor spa and hotspring service center, funded by Longyan Sanyang Hotspring Company.

The center covers more than 2,000 sq m, which can accommodate more than 500 guests at a time.

The spa equipment here has been imported from Germany and Japan, and also has drawn much managerial experience from Taiwan. The center has drained water from hotspring which are rich in minerals.

The center has fish spa pools, stone baths, nano-milk baths, Chinese medicine baths (such as baths of Chinese angelica, Pilose Asiabell root, lavender, mint, and rosemary), children’s pool, heated swimming pools, and saunas. The company’s principle is to seek for health preservation and create a leading spa center in Longyan.

Address: Tieshan town, Longyan city, Fujian province