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Longyan Sino Wonderland


Longyan Sino Wonderland

With the 3.5 billion yuan ($565.25 million) investment from Shandong Tai'an Chigao Group, the Sino Wonderland, will be constructed into a comprehensive project, covering an area of about one million sq m, and consisting of a large animation themed park, a amusement park, Chigao International Shopping Mall, and several other hotels and shopping streets. Upon completion, the center is expected toreceive three million visitors annually..

The Animation Themed Park will cover an area of 600,000 sq m, with six scenic spots, namely, the Pegasus Square, Pirates of the Caribbean Ship, Painted Eggs Park, Visitors' Home, Adventure World, and Magic Zone.

When the construction is finished, the wonderland will become a one-stop center for fun, leisure, food, accommodation, and shopping for customers in Longyan, as well as in the Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone.

Address: Longteng South Avenue, Longyan city, Fujian province