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4A Senic Spots

Guanzhai Mountain


Guanzhai Mountain, located in Liancheng county, Fujian province's Longyan, is about 1.5 kilometers east of Liancheng city proper. The mountain was given the name because it is shaped like an ancient Chinese court justice's hat, which symbolizes justice and honesty.

The scenic zone covers an area of 123 square kilometers, including 46 square kilometers in the central zone. It consists of five sightseeing areas, Guanzhai Mountain, Shimen Lake, Tianzhai, Jiulong Lake and Yunxiao Rock. The scenic zone has beautiful mountains, water, rocks, caves, springs, temples and gardens.

Guanzhai Mountain became one of the top 10 scenic spots in Fujian in 1986. Four years later, the State Council claimed it to be a national key scenic spot in 1994. It was evaluated as one of the first 4A national level spots in 2000, nominated into the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site list in 2008 and titled a "National Geopark" in 2009.

The Guanzhai Mountain scenic spot is 1.5 kilometers away from the Guanzhai Mountain Airport, 25 kilometers away from Guanzhai Mountain Train Station, 110 kilometers away from downtown Longyan, and 225 kilometers away from Xiamen.

Ticket: 115 yuan ($18.62) for a through ticket to Guanzhai Mountain and Shimen Lake. A discount of 10 yuan is available if tourists book tickets through

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