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Sanming is a city in central Fujian province. It covers an area of 22,965 square kilometers and by the year-end of 2020 its population had reached 2.49 million. 

Well-known as a cultural hub, Sanming is home to a number of early Chinese artists, such as Zhu Xi, Yang Shi and Huang Shen. As one of China's revolutionary and historical centers, Sanming was home to seven Soviet counties in the past. Ninghua is one of the four starting point of the Red Army's Long March. 

Sanming is a typical old revolutionary base area with abundant mountains and forest resources. Forestland occupies 82.7 percent of the city's whole area. The world geopark is located in Sanming. There are 49 different types of minerals including limestone, tungsten and fluorite in Sanming. Meanwhile, a heavy industry base for metallurgy, automobiles, machinery and electric power has been established in Sanming. With its special urban features and its environmental protection efforts, Sanming has won various titles, such as "China's Civilized Advanced City" and "National Garden City".     

In 2020, Sanming was designated by the State Forestry Administration as a pilot region in the country to conduct comprehensive reform of the forest resources, providing an example for other old revolutionary base areas.

In 2021, the city's GDP reached 295.35 billion yuan ($46.73 billion), an increase of 5.8 percent compared to that in 2020, official data showed. 

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