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Nanping is a city that covers 21.7 percent of Fujian province's land area. It borders the cities of Ningde to the east and Sanming to the south. It also borders Zhejiang province to the north and Jiangxi province to the west.

With a subtropical monsoon climate, Nanping's average annual temperatures hover around 15C to 19C and its average annual rainfall ranges from 1,684 mm to 1,780 mm. Of the city's 28 ethnic groups, after the Han nationality, the She ethnic group is the largest, followed by the Hui ethnic group, the Miao ethnic group and the Man ethnic group. 

Nanping is also home to many natural resources, including 29.64 million hectares of forest, one river, 176 tributaries and more than 50 different types of minerals. The city is also known as one of China's best tourist resorts. There are more than 150 places of interest, including the Wuyi Mountain.

In 2021, the city's GDP exceeded 211.76 billion yuan ($33.5 billion), an increase of 6.5 percent compared to that in 2020, official data showed.

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